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Flying over the endlessness of the African Savanna, dry Kalahari desert or the lush coastal lines is a dream of many a private pilot. 

We will make your dream come true with our carefully selected routes through Southern Africa.

You have your own ideas but want to get inspired first by our suggestions? Let's work out your very own itinerary. 

Not yet ready to take off alone? Join our bushpilot training or take a safety pilot along your African flying adventure.

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Sharing the passion

Our passion is Africa, its culture, nature, its people and its wildlife and last not least flying the African skies.

We will support you during the planning process as well as while you are en-route to ensure your safety, comfort and fun at all times.

To add to your ease we are operating with planes widely used in Europe, Cessna's and Piper's. All planes are professionally maintained by our partners meeting international standards.


All trainers and safety pilots hold the necessary licenses to provide you with best learning experiences and knowledge. And yes, they are open-minded locals to show you the secret gems of the areas you fly in or discuss about South Africa's situation with you after landing.

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Get ready for take-off

Do you work with a packing list before starting any of your holidays? 

Well, starting your flying adventure might need even a bit more preparation. 

We are happy to assist with additional information and answers to all your questions and will provide you with an extensive briefing pack before your departure.


Just the packing still needs to be done by you yourself! 

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Seeing Africa from above

Ukhozi Flying Safaris

Ukhozi means "Eagle" in the local languages of Zulu and Xhosa. 

And definitely you will feel free as a bird as you are taking off into the African skies. 

With many years of flying experience in Southern Africa you can be sure we provide you with the best and safest service.

With sharp eagle eyes we look at all the details necessary to make your trip an unforgattable experience. 

Are you ready for departure? 

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