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Travel light

Especially when being on a flying safari you want to travel as light as possible. 

It is simply no fun to drag along a heavy suitcase every time you change lodges again - and to be honest: you won't need all that much - usually laundry service is available en-route!

Take care off your headset, logbook and pilot license as well as light travelling clothes and a couple of warm jumpers and long trousers. Not only does it get quite cold in the evenings, this way you will also be proteced from our hungry mosquitos.

We advise to check with your local GP if all your travel vaccination are in place and if - depending on your routing- taking malaria tablets is recommended for you personally.

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Weather & climate

While warm from November till February, Northern parts of South Africa can get pretty cold from June till September. However, the warm summer months also bring along the rain.

Botswana weather is similar with rain and high temperatures from November till March. 

The Cape area is dry and Mediteranean from December till April, but can get rather wet and cloudy from May till August. 

Namibia is one of the driest countries in sub-Sahara Africa, but from November till February temperatures get well above 30 degrees. 

That does not mean you shouldn't travel at certain times, but we might advise you that your intended routing is more enjoyable in a different season.

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No risk no fun

This is not what we believe in! Apart from strict rules in regards to the maintenance of our planes, we also care about your flying skills.

Obviously the more training and flying hours you have, the more confident you feel. 

We highly recomment that you spruce up your flying skills before coming to South Africa, not just in general, but also on the type of aircraft you want to fly. You will be dealing with a lot of new things here, so the more confident you feel, the more you can enjoy your flying adventure. 

No time to prepare a lot in advance? Let's train together in sunny South Africa or take along one of our experienced safety pilots.

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Money, money, money

As plane hire and fuel costs are much lower than in Europe and landing fees are not charged on all the small fields, an African flying adventure often levels up with your flying costs in Europe for a similar amount of hours - and you get a great holiday on top of it!

In our pre-talks we will establish your expectations about the places you stay in: are you a 5 star traveller or rather enjoy the simple life?

Also the time of travelling influences pricing: South Africa comes cheapest from April till September, Botswana in September/October and January/February, Namibia from January till June. 


We are confident to plan your dream trip as well as meeting your budget! 

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