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Sharing the passion

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Culture Eagle Flo

Keen aviator, Africa enthusiast, African trained field and trails guide, our boss and our friend.

Flo will be your European contact and host at Ukhozi Flying Safaris ensuring that you will have the time of your life!

Uncle Glen

It will be hard to find anybody with more experience in the bush or in bush flying. 

Glen is our technical support in all aviation questions and will ensure that all your flight plans are up and running in time. 

Capable Kajsa

Our Team Dutchie: Private pilot hooked on African flying, life coach, mother of two and crazy enough to spend her "spare" time supporting our marketing activities and you in your tour planning if you are located in the Netherlands. 

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Lady Janna

Administration and booking your dream locations is a big part of our business. 

Janna is there to take care of it! With 20 years experience in the business you can be sure she will find you the most special places to stay in!

Charming Chad

Chad is the one meeting you upon your arrival in Johannesburg when we are not around. South African local and trained field guide he is our customer care buddy and our book of knowledge when it comes to planning your perfect wildlife adventure. 

Adventuress Andrea

As lodgeowner, manager of two lodges and local guide Andrea is our specialist for the Greater Kruger area and will suggest the most amazing places and routes for you to travel when you are looking for the famous Big 5. 

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Airborne Aviation is our new partner in Johannesburg. Located at a small uncontrolled field just at the outskirts of the city, you can enjoy your flight training while still having time to visit the sights of Jo'burg. 

Airborne Aviation also supports our bushpilot training where one of their instructors will take you out and about to improve your flying skills on South African terrain even further. 


4 Aviators is our partner when you want to take off from the Western Cape.

Located at Cape Town International they provide internationally accredited flight training and maintain an impressive fleet of Piper, Cessna and Beechcraft. 

Their experienced instructors are not only there to check you out on the aircraft of your choice, but are also happy to come along as your safety pilot.


The Bateleurs is a Non Profit Company (NPC) flying for the environment. With over 200 volunteer pilots they provide aerial perspectives of the environment, game counts and game transport throughout Southern Africa. Since their founding in 1998 several thousand flights and diverse missions have been executed. As we care about our environment we support the work of The Bateleurs with every booking made with us. 

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